Jon and Nicolle arrived Tuesday to Mexico City. They stayed with us Tuesday night, and we took them to Cuernavaca on Wednesday. Jon will be doing his internship for Huntington University here in Mexico City.

Jon is a youth ministry major with a music minor, and Nicolle is an elementary education major and a Spanish minor. He’ll be studying in the same language school that we studied at for the next month, and then they will move up to Mexico City to help Huberto with the youth ministry at his church.

The benefit for us of having Jon and Nicolle working with Huberto is that we are trying to establish some model youth ministries in the city so our students at the seminary will have places to see the philosophy of youth ministry in action. We want them to have the opportunity to work in churches that are putting into practice what they are learning in the classroom.

I’m excited to have Jon and Nicolle here, and I know their ministry is going to help extend the reach of the Center for Youth Ministry here in Mexico City.