I recently took a trip to Indonesia (and Malaysia) to teach the final course in the Master’s in Youth Ministry course at the Jaffray Seminary in Jakarta. We were finishing up a program that started more than a few years ago with six students. Two of them made it to the end, having completed all of the requirements for graduation.

Nyoman and Mitchell persevered through many trials and did the hard work that was required of them to successfully complete the program, and they will be officially awarded their Master’s of Youth Ministry at the Seminary’s graduation this year.

While I was there, we had a celebration ceremony to honor them and their hard work as well as give them a certificate from Youth Ministry International. Nyoman’s words in this video (and the ones that both he and Mitchell expressed throughout the class) will stick with me for a long time.

I wanted to share a portion of what Nyoman said in this video:

I am excited about the future of youth ministry in Indonesia. These two guys and the rest of the team there (including David, the translator and program coordinator) are primed and ready to take youth ministry to the next level.

I am praying that they will continue to push through the obstacles and take the gospel to the next generation.