September is my favorite month to live in Mexico. Since Independence Day is in September, there are vendors everywhere selling Mexican flags, and the red, white, and green is all over. It’s a very patriotic time.

This past weekend we celebrated Independence Day by going to a party with the director of the Seminary’s church, and our baby girl dressed up in her Mexican dress. She doesn’t look much like a little Mexican girl, but she is pretty cute.

It’s fun to celebrate here in Mexico, and it’s weird to think that we’ll be in Florida for the next few months. In case you missed it, we’re heading to Florida in October. We’ll be sharing YMI’s team’s vision for the next 15 years and especially how that affects our family and ministry. We’re looking forward to it. Hopefully, we’ll see many of you while we’re there.

So the next few weeks are filled with tacos, tortillas, and tamales.