It’s been a while since I went to Urbana ’09, but I wanted to write down one of the greatest memories I had of my time in St. Louis. It was the second night of the conference, and since I was at my booth during most of the conference activities, I really only had the chance to go to some of the general sessions.

The general sessions were held in the America’s Center, the St. Louis Rams’ stadium. The memory that I don’t want to ever forget was when 16,000 of us stood to sing “In Christ Alone.” It was a powerful moment. The words to the song have grabbed ahold of me since I first heard them a while ago, and when I had the chance to sing them with 16,000 people, mostly college students, I was overwhelmed.

Here’s a the song in case you haven’t ever heard it. If you have heard it, listen again. I hope I never forget this memory of Urbana ’09.