The week is over. The only thing that is left is speaking at church on Sunday. We were invited along with people from 3 other countries to take part in a historical event on the campus of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

We spent the week speaking in classes and attending special meetings, chapels, and other events. We also had some incredible meetings that helped us connect with people outside of the formal meeting time.

Overall, I think this week has taken global youth ministry pretty far. It has opened the eyes of a few international students to see that youth ministry is a Kingdom of God thing. It goes beyond borders because God loves people from every tribe and nation.

There are many actions to be taken as a result of this week, but I think that overall it has served as a vision casting conference to open the eyes of some students and share with them the vision of Centers for Youth Ministry all over the globe. I hope that there are students from Boyce and Southern who now see global youth ministry as a viable option for them in the future, and I would certainly welcome their help in Latin America.

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