Techcrunch announced today that Flickr now offers video. If you’ve ever looked at my pictures on Flickr, you’ll notice I use it a lot. I currently have 4,594 pictures uploaded to Flickr. I have a pro membership, but I probably won’t use Flickr for video.

The limitations for now is that you can only upload 90 second clips, and you have to be a pro member to upload video (a membership costs $25/year). Some of my videos are 90 second clips, but I would much rather upload to Vimeo or They just know how to do video. Although the flickr video player is nice and clean, and there are benefits to having your videos with your pictures, I’ll probably stick to the sites that specialize in video.

We’ll see what Flickr does in the future with video, but for now, I’ll probably just sit back and watch.

(By the way, as I write this, I don’t think it’s publicly available yet).