We’ve received about $400 for the improvements to our new house, and we wanted to thank everyone who has sent in money to help us get it ready for us.

We will probably be moving into the new house sometime next week. The Seminary is using it one last time as a guest house for some people who are coming in for intensive classes this week.

We’re planning on having a yard sale in a few weeks to put a little more money into the account and get the house fixed as much as possible.

We could still use your help. If you want to help us, we encourage you to send a check to Youth Ministry International with a note in it that says, “Poulette Housing Fund.” That way the accounting department will know that your donation is specifically for our move. Thanks again for your support.

The address for Youth Ministry International is:

1300 Envoy Cir.
Suite 1306
Louisville, KY 40299