This Sunday in church, we were singing a song about lifting our hands. Now, I’m not much of a hand raiser in worship. I’m not opposed to it; it’s just not the way I worship personally. But I was thinking about it, and I had an incredible thought on the subject based on something Nathan says that makes me melt.

When he wants to be picked up, Nathan will run in front of me and say, “Hold you, Daddy.” When he says that, it makes me melt, and of course I pick him up and give him a squeeze. Then we walk for a while with him holding me and me holding him.

The part that makes me think of God is not so much that Nathan puts his arms up for me to hold him. He knows that he’s saying, “Hold YOU.” He wants to show affection to me just as much as he wants me to show affection to him. When I lift my heart and hands in praise, it is because I want to hold onto my Creator and show Him how much I love Him. In the process, He lifts me up and squeezes me. It’s a two sided sharing time. So, when we are singing to God, either with our hands up or not, we are telling Him we want to hold Him and be held by Him, sharing some time together.