As many of you know, we put videos on our blog, a practice known as videoblogging. Well, videobloggers are quite a community of people. They help each other with technical problems, and they also help financially with various projects. Recently, Erin needed some help getting to a videoblogging convention, so the other vloggers pitched in to help.

Today, a new website has been created to help videobloggers with various projects. It is called, and the concept is simple. A videoblogger submits a project and a financial need, and the community pulls together to help find the funds for the project. People can donate on the site, and the project will receive the money when the goal is met. It’s as simple as that. The individuals in the community will either donate a little themselves or seek ways to spread the word about the project. It’s the “many hands make light work” of fundraising. Check it out here.