Airport and Birthday Party: We’ve been to the airport two times in the last 2 days. Yesterday, we took a MK teacher to the airport. She was going to Cancun to visit her parents. We waited for almost 3 hours for the US Airways office to open so we could get our plane tickets to Orlando for the Association of Youth Ministry Educators conference that is happening October 22-24. We were trading some vouchers we got for tickets. It worked, so we are headed to Orlando in October.

We went to a birthday party for Russell Herrington, the academic dean at the seminary, last night. A bunch of us missionaries played games and ate banana pudding (his favorite) for the party. It was fun.

This morning, we took another friend of ours to the airport at 7 am. It’s the best time to drive to the airport because there is no traffic. We made it there and back in less than an hour. Usually, it takes an hour just to get there.