One of the things I teach all the time is that God wants to use young people. He wants to take their gifts, talents, and interests, and he wants to allow them to be free to serve him with those things he has graciously given them.

While I was in Cuba, the youth group girls had a brilliant idea to open up one of the church meme era home as a hair salon and offer free hair-styling to the community. It was an incredible way to invite people in and share the gospel while meeting a need.

My favorite part is how they used their talents and gifts and interests for ministry.

They were excited to do it and worked hard to organize everything they needed to get it done. They took their time styling hair and talking to those who came in, and it was obvious that they genuinely enjoyed what they were doing.

As a result of their use of their gifts, a few girls from the community responded to the gospel and many others heard the message that they may not have otherwise heard.

If you don’t sing or play an instrument, you can still be useful for the Kingdom!