Here’s the preview explanation of one of the trips on our list of necessary trips this year: May 5-8 � Leadership Conference in Guadalajara

This will be the first of 2 national student leadership conferences this year sponsored by the National Baptist Youth Union (UNBJ) of the Mexican Baptist Convention. We are expecting approximately 100 young people from the north of the country to attend this conference, and with the theme being, �What is Youth Ministry,� we have been working to develop the curriculum which will center around ministry relationships.

As far as youth ministry training goes, two of my youth ministry majors have also been involved in the planning and preparation for this workshop. They will be traveling with me to Guadalajara, and they will each be teaching a workshop, obtaining first-hand training experience as they teach some of what they have been taught throughout their time at the seminary. They are considered experts, and this has been a great opportunity for them to teach and think through youth ministry. It is also a good promotional and networking opportunity for the seminary�s youth ministry program.

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