I’m going to try to start letting you know what I have been reading during the week. Maybe every Friday, I’ll post some interesting links from the week that I think make great reading.

So here it goes. Here are 5 posts I found interesting this week.

The Web 2.0 Pastor – Facebook and Status Updates: How can Facebook status updates and Twitter really help me get to know someone?

Blue Passport: Missionary Training: What did Darrell Whitman find when he surveyed several missions organizations about their strategy for missionary training?

DIY Creations & Homemade Wrinkle Release Tips: If you travel a lot, these tips are great for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free.

Why Some Speakers are Paid $10,000 for just a 40 minute speech: A great tip for improving your public speaking skills.

Adam’s Rules for Blogging: If you blog or are thinking about starting to blog, take a look at these rules for blogging.