Today in class, we had a great discussion about ministry teams. After last week with Above and Beyond and the time my students spent with Ken, they were ready for a good discussion about giving young people the opportunity to use their gifts and talents for God.

Something interesting came up in the discussion, though. Some other seminary students (not ym students) have told my guys that the gospel is not a show. It is not a spectacle. It should not be presented that way.

I know that this attitude is out there, but I say that the gospel is the greatest show on earth. It is the only thing that can change our lives. The fact that God sent His Son to earth to bring us back to Him can only be described as a spectacular event. The problem is that we don’t communicate it as something spectacular. People don’t want to hear someone preaching a boring, irrelevant message. But the church keeps preaching it that way.

bedofnailsGod has a lot to do with our everyday lives. He gives us interests and talents. We should use those for His glory. The arts, sports, and many other interests of ours DO have a place in church. A person who can paint should be able to paint. A person who draws or sculpts or makes videos or knows sound or whatever else should be able to use that talent as worship. A person who sings is always welcome in church, but if you can’t sing, we say you cannot serve. God created these things for His glory. We should use them that way.