Saturday was graduation, the first graduation in the history of the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary that included a youth ministry student. After four long years, Huberto Perez Bravo graduated with a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry (licenciatura en ministerio juvenil).

The graduation ceremony was two hours long, and then we had a celebration dinner that lasted another 2 hours. It was a historical day, culminating years of hard work and investment. This graduation was more special for me than others in the past because many of the nine graduates had been students in my classes.

Huberto and his youth from churchOne of my favorite things about the graduation was seeing Huberto with his youth group and church members who came to celebrate with him. His church has been through a lot of things, and I feel that they deserve the diploma as much as he does. He has learned a lot by leading them, and I’m happy for them all.

We’re not done, at all. Next year, we’ll have another graduate, and then there are 3 more who will graduate the following year. I have a feeling that many students will be coming to the Center for Youth Ministry in the future.

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