Last Saturday was graduation at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. We had 9 students graduate from the Certificate in Youth Ministry program (a one year degree) and 2 students graduate from the Bachelor’s in Youth Ministry program (4 years).

Graduation is always bittersweet. In the case of Kareny and Josue, we have been with them for 4 years, and we have seen them grow into incredible youth pastors. It is like watching our own children grow up and move out of the house. They will be heading to Monterrey in a month, and we will miss them.

We have a different relationship with the Certificate students. They are all from around here, so we will continue to see them at different events. The difference is that we won’t see them in class on Saturdays.

The interesting thing is that they wanted to continue meeting on a regular basis. Since I’ll be busy teaching on Saturday mornings, we decided to meet once a month as a group to continue to talk about concepts and topics related to youth ministry. I’m looking forward to it.