modedas.jpgContrary to popular belief, everything is NOT cheap in Mexico. Many things cost a lot more here than they do in the US, at least in our part of town. That doesn’t mean that Mexico does not have some good deals, though. Here are four deals that we are very happy to have here.

Pizza Tuesdays: Every pizza place has two for one pizzas every Tuesday. That means we can fill up on pizza and have enough left over for the rest of the week. We just found out that Little Cesar’s has 3 for one on Tuesdays. Yummy!

Movie Wednesdays: Every Wednesday, you can go to the movies for half price. That means that the movie theaters are packed on Wednesday nights, but it also means you can eat that left over pizza and hit the movies for a cheap date.

Six Flags annual passes: The annual passes at Six Flags are less than $50. Basically, if you go twice in the year, you have more than paid for your annual pass. Plus you get a coupon book that has free passes for your friends. We basically only have to buy one annual pass and then use the coupons for the other person. Plus, the annual pass to Six Flags is good worldwide. So you can buy the pass here and get into any Six Flags in the world.

NFL Sunday Ticket: Watching every single football game all season long costs about $300 in the US. In Mexico, it only costs around $80. That’s quite a deal, especially when you realize you get pre-game coverage, every game, and commercials in English.