Update on Life: I got back my final grade from my Jonathan Edwards class. I got a B+. I am so happy to have received a decent grade on what was probably the hardest class I’ve ever taken. Janell was a great support during the class, letting me have time off to work on the projects and papers.

July 5-15, I will be in Mexico with a group of volunteers from First Baptist Church, Naples. They will be helping with Vacation Bible School at our church Dios Es Amor. They will also be helping with a “youth week” and doing some service projects and street evangelism. I am hoping to have this group encourage the youth ministry at our church. I hope that the youth pastor will be an encouragement to the youth ministry students who are serving at the church, also. It is going to kill me to be away from Janell and Nathan for 11 days. It is going to be difficult for Janell, too, as she will have to feed Nathan all throughout the nights.