We’ve been in the USA since June 2010. Our mission organization, Youth Ministry International, likes for us to return to our home culture in order to reconnect with our families and friends. It’s amazing what some time back in your home culture will do to help you in your effectiveness on the mission field.

What are you doing in the USA?

The purpose for our trip was basically four-fold. 1) Shiloh was due in August; 2) Nathan was going to Kindergarten; 3) I needed to finish my last 5 Master’s classes on campus at CIU; 4) We needed to raise the needed support to continue the work in Latin America. Here’s how we’re doing on those goals:

  1. Shiloh was born. Yay! Our lives have changed once again. A little girl in the house is quite the contrast to the two little boys.
  2. Nathan is enjoying Kindergarten. He’s learning like crazy. I can’t believe he’s reading and writing as much as he is already.
  3. I have one last final draft of a project to turn in. I will graduate in May (as long as I pass this last class).
  4. We have only 38% of the monthly support goal to raise in order to go back.

When will you go back?

Nathan finishes Kindergarten at the end of May, so we would love to be heading back to Mexico by the beginning of June. We’d like to be there during the summer to get re-oriented to the culture before he goes to first grade and classes at the Seminary start again in August.

We still have support to raise, which is a huge job. We are meeting with our friends as much as possible to try to build up our partnership team before we leave to go back to Mexico. Please pray that we will be led to those who want to be a part of reaching the almost half a billion young people in Latin America (maybe you’re one of them…we’ll be in touch).