Huberto and I spoke in chapel at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary yesterday. We spoke about our experience at the International Center for Youth Ministry in Louisville, Kentucky. Mostly, we talked about what is happening in the world of global youth ministry.

Bill Bright defines a movement as “the collective activity of committed, multiplying disciples as they band together and trust God for an impact greater than their own individual ministries.” After our time in Kentucky last week, we are even more aware of the fact that we are part of a global movement.

Youth Ministry International is involved in training youth workers in six countries, with nine centers for youth ministry currently operating. We are training youth workers that are having an impact on over 250,000 young people throughout the world.

Louisville 2008 417 Los tres amigos en la nieve

We had the opportunity to spend time last week with people from 4 different countries, and the times with the three nationals who were there (shown in the picture above) were some of the greatest learning experiences I have had in my lifetime. I am humbled to be a part of this incredible ministry, and I am excited about what the future holds.

In Latin America alone, we have more than 50 students studying youth ministry in four seminaries, and we have plans to expand into new countries soon. It’s amazing to see what’s happening worldwide, and it’s great to play a part in a global movement in youth ministry.

Click here to download and view our powerpoint presentation from yesterday’s chapel service.