Yesterday was probably one of the most frustrating days we have had in Mexico. I don’t often write about the frustrations, but sometimes you have to in order to get over it. Sorry this post is a little long.

We woke up to go to the early service at church, but when we arrived at 9 for the service, we were told that there was only one service this week, and it would begin at 10. So we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood for a while.

The service started at 10:20. It was an “installation” service for the new pastor (who they voted on last week), so it felt like a big show more than anything, with every special singing group singing, etc. We had our own problems during the service, because sitting still with Nathan is a difficult thing. Janell took him out about an hour and a half into the service time, but after about a half an hour outside, she realized that we had forgotten Nathan’s formula, so if he got hungry, we were in trouble. We finally left about half way through the service at 12:30 (you read that right…half way through the service).

I talked with some of the young people of the church to try to find out what’s going on with the youth ministry. They told me they would call me, but that Sunday evening at 6 pm there would be a meeting with the deacons to talk about a new project they wanted to work on. They asked me to be there, so I said no problem. I just asked them to call me in the afternoon to confirm the meeting.

They called me around 3 to say that there was a youth meeting at 5 and the other meeting at 6. I had received earlier in the week an email from one of the young people telling me that the youth meeting was at 6, so I didn’t go to the church until 5:30. Nobody was there when I arrived. That’s not strange. I’m always the first one there. I waited until 6:30, and nobody was there yet, so I went home frustrated. I don’t know what happened. The kid who sent me the email told me they cancelled the meeting (thanks for telling me.) Oh the joys!!!