Last summer, while we were in the United States, we borrowed a Nintendo Wii from Janell’s sister’s boyfriend. We loved it, and we’d love to get one, but we couldn’t afford one. So we decided to try out Basically, you sign up for a service, fulfill a requirement and get a couple other people to do the same thing and they thank you with a free Nintendo Wii.

It really only takes a little bit of your time. You click here or below and register. Then you decide which kind of account you want (it’s easier to refer), and complete an offer. We picked, but they also have offers from, netflix, and other offers. Many of the offers won’t cost you anything.

After you sign up and complete your offer, you just refer 7 people for the free Nintendo Wii Platinum bundle (with two controllers and two games).

So, what are you waiting for? Get your free Nintendo Wii today!

Click here to go to the site. Sign up. Choose your account type. Complete an offer. Refer others. Receive your free Nintendo Wii.

Want to help us? I can’t wait to invite the seminary students to play.
Here’s our referral link: