Since we already gave you 5 places to visit in Mexico City, here are the 5 non-work related places we visit every week along with the things we buy there or do:

  • Costco: We go there to buy milk (imported from the US), diapers, chicken, and beef. Nathan likes to sample the cheese they’re always giving out.
  • Wal-Mart: Now that they opened the new one, it’s become our favorite place to get most of our groceries, vegetables, and other things.
  • Sam’s Club: We love going here for diapers and mini chocolate donuts (they’re delicious).
  • Fun Burger and Coffee: This place is a great place for Nathan to play. We’ll pretty much buy anything for an excuse for Nathan to play on their playground. We usually get Krispy Kremes in this plaza, and then we take Nathan to the playground.
  • Los Arcos: This is our favorite taqueria (taco restaurant). Janell always orders alambre con queso, while I like tacos al pastor, and we order a taco de bistec for Nathan.

Honorable Mention: Comercial Mexicana, Plaza Satelite, Torbert house, Home Depot, McDonalds, Starbucks