native ceremonyThis post is a response to a comment by Jules, asking where she should visit in Mexico City. I originally titled it, “Top Five Places…,” but I decided that I wasn’t sure if these were the Top Five or just five really important ones.

Anyway, if you’re going to visit Mexico City and are looking for some things to do, make sure you check these out.

  1. National Cathedral: A walk through this magnificent cathedral will make you think about your theology. Be sure to check out the plumb bob that is at the center, showing how much the city is sinking. You could spend a lot of time learning about a lot of different rituals by reading about the various chapels along the outside.
  2. Palacio Nacional: This is where the president rings the bell for the Independence Day Grito. You can also see a history of Mexico through Diego Rivera’s murals along the corridors. The fountain in the middle is where the first-ever bull fight in Mexico took place.
  3. Latin American Tower: If you want to be overwhelmed by the giganticness of Mexico City, you should go to the Latin American Tower. It’s sort of the Empire State Building of Mexico City, and you can see either the city or the smog. On a good day, you can see the two volcanos that are on the outskirts of the city.
  4. Bellas Artes: This theater is made of Italian marble, and the architecture is amazing. It’s where they have the Folkloric Ballet and National Orchestra.
  5. Templo Mayor: This is right outside the National Cathedral in the main square. Many of the stones from these ruins were used to build the National Cathedral. It used to be the main temple of the indigenous people who lived here in Tenochtitlán. Most days, right outside of Templo Mayor, you can see some ancient rituals being performed.