Janell is always making fun of me for reading people’s blogs. She says that I read too many, and she’s probably right. I read a lot of people’s blogs, but it’s because I find their insights into life very intriguing. Some of the blogs I read are people in ministry. Some are tips on technology. Some are just people I met through online interactions.

Here are five blogs I read regularly. These happen to relate to ministry. I guarantee there will be another post about five more blogs.

Life in Student Ministry: Tim Schmoyer has great talent for writing and developing ideas for youth ministry. He posts regularly about issues in youth ministry, and it has been fun to read his blog for a while now.

Finding Direction: Jim and his family are missionaries in Mexico, too. We’ve had lots of great interaction over the internet, and one of these days, we’ll get our families together to go to the zoo. He also runs missionary-blogs.com.

Evotional: Mark Batterson is the pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C. and is the author of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. He always has great thoughts and insights about ministry and life.

Blue Passport: Dr. Lewis was a professor of ours who taught us how to study a culture in preparation for living in a foreign culture as a missionary. His insights into culture and missions help me all the time as I try to understand both missions and the context in which I live.

Tony Sheng: Tony has a real passion to see students involved in missions. He is always blogging about great things that include culture, missions, and student ministry. One of these days, we’ll meet Tony in person, too.

BONUS: Nailscars is another blog I read all the time. It’s a great site run by Shane with a bunch of really good insights about life and ministry as well. Shane is very honest about what is happening in his own life and ministry, which helps his readers understand more about their own situation as well.