Driving while getting haircutSo, today, we finally broke down and took Nathan to get his hair cut. We had only cut his bangs a little at home because they were constantly getting in his eyes. Here in Mexico, we have tons of “baby style” places where you can take kids to get their hair cut. We went to one of the places in Mundo E, a really nice mall near our home, and Nathan got to sit in the firetruck while the lady cut his hair.

outside the barber shopI’ll have to admit, a little part of me didn’t want to get his hair cut. Isn’t that weird? I think part of it was that I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to explain how to cut it to the lady. Ever thought of how to say, “Take a little off the ears,” in Spanish? Well, we must have communicated something right because she did a fantastic job. We gave her a really good tip (BTW, it cost 100 pesos…like 10 bucks)

Where's my hair?Of course, Nathan was sooooo good. He didn’t cry at all, and he even laughed a little when the shaver tickled him. I wonder if they thought I was weird for taking pictures and video of his first cut. Oh well, who cares. I guess I’ll be a crazy dad for a little while longer. We had to celebrate, so we went to Rainforest Cafe for a light lunch. That place is almost better than the zoo.