Today has been a really loooooong day. I had class at 7 am, so I decided to get to my office early to make some coffee for me and my students. It turns out that I have the wrong top for the coffee pot, meaning that the coffee won’t drip, but instead it spills all over everything. So, I ran to the bathroom to wash off the coffee pot to find that there was no water at the seminary today. Luckily, the lady who cleans the offices was outside and helped me (she’s the one that told me that I have the wrong lid).

Class, on the other hand, was very good. I have three new students, one all the way from Ecuador, one from Puebla, and the other from Vallarta. They will be studying youth ministry with me for the next 4 years.

I went to my Youth Discipleship class, and Huberto and Oscar had invited a ton of students from third year to attend class. So, I have about 8 students in that class now, taking it as an elective, but still participating and making the discussions much more interesting. Class was split up with an hour in between the first hour of class and the second hour of class. We got that fixed. Now I have class on Tuesday and Thursday basically from 7 am until noon. That’s five hours straight, but that’s it. I’m tired today, though. I should have drunk more coffee.

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