It’s always good to get feedback from people. Youth Ministry International has recently asked us to get some feedback from the youth workers we are training. Here is an incredible response I got from a youth worker in one of the countries we are working in:

This time of studying has TOUCHED MY LIFE in a very special way because: it has made me study more seriously; it has given the ministry much more seriousness; it has helped us integrate a series of courses with content that we didn’t have before with a much more systemization; FINALLY, it has been a blessing that we needed in this moment in history and that we didn’t visualize where it should and could come from, but God in His immense love and care for us already had seen it.

You should know that this guy has been involved in youth ministry for 16 years. He is 46 years old and recently began studying in one of our seminary programs. It is awesome to see this kind of feedback. It humbles me to hear these words from a guy like this that I admire. I am privileged to get to work with him.