The other day I asked my Facebook friends what was their favorite memory of 2011. I got a lot of great answers, and I went back to look for some of my favorite memories of 2011. I was upset because I realized that I didn’t document on the blog very well what was, in fact, my favorite memory of 2011.

While we were in Florida last year, one of our supporting churches gave us a special offering and told us we had to spend it on the kids, so we took that money and took them to Disney World. I took a ton of video and pictures, but I think we only posted it to Facebook, so I couldn’t find it here when I was looking for it. I didn’t even make a final video of the trip (yet).

Spending time with my family is definitely my favorite memory, and that Disney trip was one I’ll remember for a long time. It also reminded me of the importance of documenting our memories. I hope in 2012 I will do a better job of posting stuff here because we all know that Facebook won’t be around forever.

So…what was your favorite memory of 2011?