We live in a rapid society. We have instant potatoes, instant rice, fast food, and microwaveable popcorn. We want a quick solution for everything.
This instant gratification has translated into the desire to have many things without working for them. It seems like work ethic has disappeared. And not only in our jobs. We no longer want to work on our families or marriages either.
This picture is a sign for an “express divorce.” It boasts that you will only have to wait 30 days for them to finish everything for your divorce. Seems too easy to me.
Why can’t we work at things? Why all of a sudden have we become so lazy that we will no longer fight (in a good way) for our marriages or families? What has happened?
I’m not sure, but I want to be a person who works hard to protect my family and my relationship with my wife. There are things worth fighting for. Work ethic, both in ministry and family, is something that should set us apart.

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