The letter of 3 John to Gaius is often overlooked simply because of its size, but the message that it teaches is one that I have experienced time and time again throughout my ministry.

As a missionary, I often visit new places where the only connection I have with the people there is the fact that we are believers. Their hospitality often reminds me of John’s commendation of Gaius and the way that he supported the messengers in their journey.

The contrast between the way that Gaius acts and the way that Diotrephes acts is a strong word of teaching for us as we minister. We are to think of others and help others instead of putting ourselves first, and we are to accept God’s servants instead of refusing to welcome them in a manner “worthy of God.”

As I read and study 3 John, I am reminded of the need to be humble, seek the good of those who are doing God’s work, and be warned, careful to not put myself first and talking against others.

Once again, in this short letter, we see the way the New Testament puts out good examples for us to imitate and poor examples for us to avoid. These two men, Gaius and Diotrephes, are great examples for us as we seek to interact with others.

What strikes you about 3 John?