Today was the day of reckoning for my youth ministry students. The Final Exam for Programs in Youth Ministry 1, a class on planning and administration of events for youth ministry. They all did fairly well. Now, I just have to grade their projects, and we’ll know their grades for the class.

The final project is difficult. It’s time-consuming. It makes you lose your will to live. But, since it’s beneficial for ministry training, they do it. They had to plan a yearly activity calendar, choose 10 activities, and give me details as though they were really planning these activities. They also have to turn in a yearly budget. The way the seminary is set up, they only had like 2 weeks to do most difficult part, but they are still alive.

Last night, I waited around for someone to show up for a meeting, and they didn’t. I’m getting used to that, and I’m learning that sometimes it’s necessary to confirm a meeting multiple times.