Today, the Federal Electoral Tribunal will make their announcement about the disputed election in Mexico. I have written about it before. Apparently, they are going to declare Felipe Calderon the winner. This is not going to make the thousands of people who are protesting happy. Here’s the article.

Some interesting things in the article:

  • Lopez Obrador is considering setting up a “parallel government.”
  • Lopez Obrador’s party controls Mexico City. This is why they haven’t been removed from the main square and have been allowed to keep up their protest.
  • Business leaders said Monday they plan to file lawsuits against Mexico City’s government and Lopez Obrador’s party, alleging they are responsible for $369 million in lost revenues due to the protests.
  • Hundreds of supporters of leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador set up an overnight camp at the court’s headquarters late Monday, vowing to prevent the judges from declaring Calderon president.

This is definitely a big day in Mexican politics. This also means a lot for the stability of the country. The reaction to today’s declaration will determine a lot about the future months.