There was another election protest in downtown Mexico City today. According to this AP article, the organizers say there were 2 million supporters of Lopez Obrador who marched down Reforma to the Zocalo. Then, he asked his supporters to turn the protest into a sit-in downtown, which will probably create a ton of problems in this already overcrowded city.

I think the quote of the article is this:

If the road to democracy is closed off, than all that’s left is submission or violence. -AMLO

I vote for submission, not violence. Please keep praying for this situation that may get out of hand. Luckily, where we live is a good distance from downtown. We are nowhere near the protests. On my way to church today, I did see one person this morning waiting for a bus dressed in yellow. I assume they were going to the protest downtown. Anyway, this is far from over.

Photo: Gato Azul on