This weekend I’ll be at the Youth Leadership Convention in Orlando. It is a yearly gathering of youth workers from all over Latin America hosted by Especialidades Juveniles, the Spanish arm of Youth Specialties.

We have been working together with team from Especialidades Juveniles in Mexico for the last 2 years. I’ve spoken at some of their events, written for their magazine, and they have helped organize youth leaders’ networking events throughout the country. They also asked me to contribute to a new study Bible for youth workers that is coming out this January.

I’m looking forward to going to the event and networking with leaders from all over Latin America. It will be good to meet up with people who I have met through our website I’m also hoping to make contacts with key people who will be able to help carry out the vision for future of Youth Ministry International in Latin America.

I’m hoping to tell you all about my adventures on Monday (and even as they happen, if possible). Stay tuned…