I just got back from a road trip to Miami with my dad. For Christmas, I bought tickets to the Miami Dolphins’ last home game of the season, and I invited him to go with me to the game.

We drove over on Saturday and stayed until this morning. We got to stay with my Aunt and Uncle who live in West Palm Beach, and on Sunday, we headed out to Dolphin Stadium to watch the Dolphins lose to the Bengals 38-25. Since the Dolphins have been so bad this year, we joked that we would be the only ones in the stadium. We got there early and snapped the picture of Dad in the stands with nobody around. It was a fun day.

The best part was getting to spend time with Dad. Since I live so far away, we hardly get to see each other, and we especially don’t get to do too many things just me and him. I’ll never forget the trip, which is what I was hoping for when I planned it. I guess you could say I gave him this Christmas present with selfish motives.

Flickr Photo set of the game.

Dad and me at the stadium Dad and Dolphins' stadium