Today is the last day of class for the quarter (besides exams). I’m giving a final project for my discipleship class. Here’s a rough translation of the content I’m looking for in the “Final Project” for my Discipleship in Youth Ministry Class:

  1. Your definition of discipleship and an explanation of that definition.
  2. In general terms, what is it that you want to achieve in the lives of the young people in your discipleship program?
  3. What specific objectives are there for the young people? Remember that there are levels of discipleship. Which objectives are there for each level (new Christian, Christian, etc)? Put these objectives in order of importance. What things are necessary for which level?
  4. What role do small groups play in your ideal program?
  5. What will an ideal small group look like?
  6. What role will Sunday School play in discipleship?
  7. What do you look for in a small group leader? What characteristics should they have? What type of person are you looking for and why?
  8. What do you expect from the small group leaders and or Sunday School teachers? How many hours per week should they make available for their group? How will you care for the leaders of small groups?
  9. What is your plan to train small group leaders?
  10. What role will one on one discipleship play in your program?
  11. What role will the spiritual disciplines play in your discipleship program? How will you encourage the development and use of spiritual disciplines? What tools will you offer so that the young people will learn and use the spiritual disciplines?
  12. How will young people be involved in ministry leadership and how will that help their spiritual growth?
  13. Where does the discipleship program fit in your overall ministry philosophy?

Those are some pretty tough questions, all of which we have talked about in class during this quarter. It should be very interesting to read their final papers. Hopefully, I can see some progress in what they think about discipleship.