Certificate in Youth ministry - Oaxaca

I’ve mentioned our certificate in youth ministry program before, but I wanted to share here about our new group of students in the city of Oaxaca.

A few years ago we started a program that would offer youth ministry training for those who couldn’t come to Seminary full time. It worked well in Mexico City. Then one of our students from the Bachelor’s degree wanted to take it back to his home city of Puerto Escondido (in the State of Oaxaca), so he started teaching last August.

Then a pastor living in Oaxaca City contacted Juan, our graduate, and asked if we could open a group in Oaxaca. We started that this month with 20 students.

Then a graduate of the Seminary who lives in Puebla asked me if we could help with youth ministry training at an extension of our Seminary in that city. After talking it over with the Seminary dean, we decided we could start in August.

So right now we have over 50 students studying on Saturdays in the certificate program, and next fall we should have at least 65 students. This summer we will have around 30 graduates from this certificate level program, and some of them have already expressed interest in continuing their studies at the Bachelor’s degree level.

It’s exciting for me to see that the interest in youth ministry training is increasing all over the country. We are constantly getting requests to do conferences and participate in various projects to propel youth ministry in Mexico.

Unfortunately, we can’t always say yes to every opportunity. We have two basic needs. We need more professors, and we need more resources. Please pray for God to grow our team. Also pray for more financial resources. If you would like to donate to help us train more youth workers, please check our our ministry partner team page to find out all the ways you can give to this ministry.