We are excited to be in the USA for Christmas this year. We finally had the chance to put up our Christmas tree on Tuesday. We ordered it online (it’s a live tree) and had it delivered to our house, and the kids had a great time decorating it.

Janell and I finally had a chance to go on a vacation alone. It was the first one since the kids have been born, and probably the first one in 10 years. We often joke that we are more busy while in the USA than when we are in Mexico, and it has certainly felt like we have been insanely busy during our time in the States.

We are grateful for every single church and person who has taken the time to listen about our ministry while we are here. This Sunday we will be our last scheduled “trip” away. We look forward to spending a week in town after that and celebrating Christmas.

On the last Sunday of 2012, we will be sharing with Gulf Coast Fellowship in Palm Harbor. We’ll still have a few more weeks in Florida until we head back to Mexico, and we are looking forward to going back.

In the meantime, we will enjoy these last weeks in Florida and all the Christmas celebrations we can fit into our schedule.