We recently received this letter from Randy Smith, the president of Youth Ministry International, and we’d like to share it with you. It’s about a special day of prayer this Sunday, May 5, for the youth of the world. Will you join us?

There is no doubt that YMI’s ministry is growing, for which we are all thankful and tremendously humbled. However, along with success in reaching the lost youth of the world comes opposition. Satan does NOT like what we are doing! It is one thing to confront the pains of management, seemingly endless logistical details, and international, national, state, and local bureaucratic regulations, but when spiritual warfare jumps on the band-wagon, well, it is beyond our ability to fight alone. We know that we always need the power of the Holy Spirit to infill us to fight the good fight of faith, but sometimes we feel so oppressed and attacked that we need to rally-the-troups to fight back.

I believe YMI’s ministries around the world are being harassed and attacked by Satan and his demonic powers in ways I have not seen before! It would take too long to go into all the details, and for those who wish to know those details you are welcome to call me, but believe me when I say we need all or our team members to join together and pray that Satan will be defeated in his efforts to hinder our ministry worldwide.

In leu of this situation, I have declared May 5, 2014 a 24 hour day of prayer for YMI’s ministries around the world. I am asking all who can to go to thewebpage link below and sign up for one 30 minute segment between May 5th, 12:00 AM and May 5th, 11:59 PM. I know that many have YMI and its personnel on their daily prayer list, and for that I am very grateful; however, I feel the need to really focus for one full day on our ministry.

When you go to the webpage (under Sign-up Genius), you will see a letter from me, a suggested prayer list, and means of signing up for the day of prayer. All we need is your name, location and your email. If you do not want to use the web-signup, then just email us, tell us which slot you want and we will sign you up.

Finally, please pass this email and the link to anyone on your personal email list who you think is willing join us! Let’s bombard the throne room of our faithful and omnipotent God, and ask him to defeat our enemies around the world!

For the Youth of the World,


If you’re willing to join us, please sign up by clicking here: YMI Global Prayer Day Web Link

We need your help!