Edgar 5Yesterday we had our first ever dating workshop at the seminary. My job was just to be there and grade. Basically, I just watched. Overall, I think it went okay. There were some technical difficulties, as usual, and some of the videos they had made couldn’t be shown.

I think the interaction with the crowd was pretty good. They told some pretty good stories talking about different stages of dating, but I wish they would have given some more practical advice for the attendees. As usual, there was a TON of information without a clear landing point.

I believe they learned a lot through the experience. Tomorrow in class, we will be evaluating the workshop. I look forward to hearing what they think.

NOTE: I was going to try to broadcast the workshop live on Ustream.tv, but the internet connection was horrible where we were at, so I was unable to do so. I guess I’ll have to try it some other time.