It is dangerous to be in ministry. You put yourself out there to help people, and at times, you get taken advantage of. Sometimes, you get emotionally involved, causing you to lose sleep. Being in ministry requires sacrifice. Sometimes, it leads to the ultimate sacrifice.

That’s what happened to Edward Frank Harris Jr, the youth pastor at Pendergrass Baptist Church in Cleveland, Georgia this past Sunday as he decided to help some people and give them a ride. He was found dead later that day. (see the news here)

Ministry is dangerous. Of course, we understand that. An angry mob killed our leader. Life was dangerous for Jesus. He told us to expect nothing less. But we reach out despite the danger. We reach out to share the love of the One who gave His life for us. And sometimes, it costs us.

I’m praying for Edward Harris, Jr’s family. I’m praying that God will be exalted despite the tragic circumstances. And I’m renewing my commitment to reach out regardless of how dangerous it is.

What about you?

(Via: Tre Lawrence)