Crazy things have been happening here lately. Saturday was the seminary graduation. We arrived early (our first mistake), which meant that the church service was still going on and there were no parking spots. So, we decided to park our car on the road with the hundreds of other people (our second mistake). The graduation went fine, and we came back to our car to find that someone had stolen our side view mirrors. So, today we are paying about $90 to fix our mirrors. Oh the joys!

Sunday we were going to a church to spend the day there. We only had a hand drawn map to guide us there. There was a roadblock, so we had to turn off the main road we usually use. We then thought we took a wrong turn. Sitting at a red light, we decided to turn off onto a side road to look at our big map and figure out what we needed to do. After looking down for a few minutes, we looked up and noticed we were sitting right in front of the church we were going to. To find a place that easy in Mexico City is definitely a miracle. And we did it without mirrors!