carter.jpgWe were at Sam’s Club the other day, and we saw that the movie Coach Carter was on sale for about six bucks, so we picked it up. This movie has a lot to do with leadership, mentoring, and discipleship. Here are some of my thoughts on this movie:

  • Leadership is about molding people into who they need to be and giving them a chance to succeed.
  • We should see beyond what people are now and challenge them to become what they need to become.
  • A good mentor loves the people he is working with. Coach Carter was upset that the community did not want to see his players succeed off the court as much as he did.
  • A good mentor is determined to do whatever it takes for his students to succeed. He is willing to pay the price.
  • A good leader takes responsibility for the actions of his team. If one fails, they all fail, even the coach.
  • Effecting change in the lives of others will have opposition. Even the principal of the school didn’t understand.
  • A good leader has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. His definition of success may be different than that of those around him.
  • A good mentor is there for his students.

There are many other lessons that can be learned from this movie. It is a great movie about a great leader. I liked it so much I showed it to my class on discipleship when we were talking about mentors. We must look for people with these qualities to impact the lives of the students in our ministries, and we must become these types of people in order to effect change in the lives of students in our communities.