Tomorrow is the third chapel of the year, and they’ve asked me to share. It’s been a week of testimonies about what students did over the summer, so the guy who speaks has only really had 5 minutes. Tomorrow, I’m really going to try to keep it that short.

I read something this week about Mark Twain. The story goes like this.

“When Mark Twain was sent this wire by his publisher ‘NEED 2-PAGE SHORT STORY TWO DAYS.” Twain replied ‘NO CAN DO 2 PAGES TWO DAYS. CAN DO 30 PAGES 2 DAYS. NEED 30 DAYS TO DO 2 PAGES’.”

Tomorrow’s sharing will be like that. It’s a lot easier to ramble than be succinct. I’m going to talk about the benefits of sharing testimony, using Psalm 126 as my text. The three key words are:


Those words mean that when we share with people what is happening in our lives (aka what God is doing in our lives), God gets the glory, we are joyful, and others are given guidance.

Short. Sweet.