Seminary building.JPGOkay, so one thing that is a theme for missions is, “Always be prepared for changes,” AKA, be flexible. That’s really easy to do when you are on a mission trip for a week or two, but to live that way everyday can be, at times, very frustrating. Today, I was scheduled to give a workshop/conference about youth ministry at the alumni week at the seminary. This workshop was supposed to start after lunch (around 3:30). Due to the fact that we are leaving the country tomorrow, I really should have said no. But it was a good way to get together with some pastors and talk youth ministry with them. Here it is 2:45, and I just found out that my time slot has been changed to 5:30. Now, I will be finished around 7 pm, which wouldn’t be SO bad except for I still have to pack for tomorrow’s trip (we leave early AM).