I received a phone call earlier today from Oscar telling me that he and Huberto can’t go to Guadalajara this weekend with me. The reason I was going to drive to the National Youth Union’s Leadership Workshop Weekend was to take them with me. So I got on the phone with Janell and she got me a flight out tomorrow afternoon so I won’t have to drive 7 hours by myself.

It turns out that another one of the leaders isn’t going to be able to go, either. So, 3 out of the 6 people who have been preparing to present are going to be there. That leaves me, Salomon, and Juan. We will be doing all of the activities for the 2 days we are there. It’s going to be a stressful weekend for sure.

In a few hours, I am going to pick up Nahum, a friend of Tim and Annette Gulick. He’s going to be speaking in chapel tomorrow at the seminary about the topic of youth ministry. He’s been helping out with Tim and Annette for a long time, and they highly recommended him to me as a speaker.