We have been training youth workers in Mexico for more than 10 years, and the Bachelor’s degree program has been met with a lot of excitement but at the same time difficulty because of the fact that it is a full time program that requires studies from 7 AM until 3 PM ever weekday (except Monday).

A few years ago, we came up with a solution to that problem by implementing a semi-formal Certificate training program. We meet every Saturday from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon for a year. The response has been incredible. This year we will have 7 graduates from the Certificate program. The residential program at the Seminary will have eight total Bachelor’s degree graduates.

I believe that the response to the certificate program proves that there is a hunger for youth ministry training in Mexico. There is a need for trained youth workers. Those who study the Certificate in youth ministry have a desire to continue their education. Many of them are struggling with the call of God on their lives and would love to continue studying at the Seminary.

Is It Working?

Yesterday, I had breakfast with 4 of the students who will graduate from the Certificate program, and I asked them what was the best thing that they learned in the program, and they went down a list of things from pretty much each module that had helped them in their ministries. It was great to hear how what we teach has helped them in their personal spiritual lives as well as in their ministries.

They have become great friends, and those who are involved in the Certificate program leave as a group of leaders who are dedicated to the same things and are on the same journey. They now have friends who understand what they are going through and can help them with major decisions and ministerial problems they might face.

As much as I love the Master’s and Bachelor’s programs, I am seeing many great things from the Certificate program as well.

Here’s a quick video from yesterday: