“I have been wanting to train others in youth ministry since I graduated,” Chaire (pronounced Chi-Ray) said as we sat at Starbucks in Guadalajara with her husband Miguel and their little boy. “I just haven’t had an opportunity.”

Hearing those words come from her gave me goosebumps because earlier that day I was speaking with the director of the local Seminary about the possibility to begin a Certificate program at their institution. He was asking me what it would take to start training youth workers and my response was, “Someone who is qualified to lead the program and teach the courses.”

My mind immediately went to Chaire, who I knew was living in Guadalajara now.

As I continued my conversations with both Chaire and the Seminary, it was clear that the new Certificate in Youth Ministry program would be an answer to prayer for many, many people.

After planning meetings and negotiations, the program started this past Saturday, February 21, 2015, with 8 students. Chaire told me it went great and that they expect to have 2 more students join the group this coming Saturday.

One of the things I love the most about the strategy of Youth Ministry International is the plan to train those who can train others. As we pray for a youth movement around the world, it will only take place as we empower others to reproduce themselves in youth pastors for their local church.

Please continue to pray for Chaire and the new Certificate program in Guadalajara.

Please consider joining our team so we can see this kind of ministry multiplication take place all over the world.