Unlikely Visitors at the First Christmas

We’ve heard the Christmas story so much that we sometimes miss how much it applies to our lives.

In this Sunday Summary we talk about how the shepherds are a lot like us.

You can watch the video below or on YouTube. I’d love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel.

A Not-So-Magical Christmas

Christmas is not always as magical as the songs and movies make it out to be. The first Christmas wasn’t as glorious for Mary as we usually think, either. But God, as usual, showed up, to remind her and us of something important.

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Jesus is a Serpent Killer

I’ve started a new series of videos on my YouTube channel where I’m going to give a summary (or snippet) of some of what happens in our church on Sunday. Some weeks it will be a summary of Pastor Josh’s sermon. Other weeks it will be a summary of my talk for FUSION.

This first episode is from the first week of our Christmas series called “Operation Christmas Child.” Josh talks about how Jesus is the seed of Eve that crushes the serpent.

What it Takes for a Movement

I had two meetings last Thursday, and in both of them, we were talking about how to move things forward in our ministry. One of our great desires is that the student ministry can become a movement…something that really makes a difference in our city.

That got me thinking about how we talk all the time about great movements and the way they change things. Something that came up in my meetings was that there is at least one thing that has to happen in order for a movement to take place.